Retelling the events of the 1969 Stonewall Riots and supporting the LGBTQ+ community through exquisite handcrafted spirits.

Great tasting spirits created by Joe and inspired by the 1969 New York Stonewall Riots

My name is Joe from Stonewall Spirits, our family produces Gin, Rum and Vodka. Through our brands we retell the important story of the ‘The Stonewall Riots’ and remember the people who helped create the freedoms for future LGBTQ+ generations. We are forever grateful and never forgetful.

For every bottle sold, Stonewall Spirits make an automatic donation to LGBTQ+ charities to help the continue their work towards equality and acceptance. I am very proud to be part of the business that launched the UK’s first LGBTQ+ spirit brand, supporting, promoting & donating to my community 365 days a year.

Stonewall Gin is available in many retailers and bars and comes in four flavours: London Dry, Rhubarb, Raspberry, Passionfruit & Mango and two sizes 70cl and 4 x 50ml gift packs.

At Stonewall Gin we took our inspiration from the 1969 New York Stonewall riots when brave customers of the Stonewall Inn gay bar stood up and fought back against oppressive policing and for their human rights. This stance pathed the way for the Gay Pride street movement and was followed by changes in US law enabling greater equality and freedom for the LGBTQ+ community. But the struggle for acceptance goes across the world hence Stonewall Gin.

Stonewall Inn Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, New York. USA

Working hand-in-hand with charities

Drink & Donate

We donate £1 from every bottle sale to fighting for equality and acceptance

Enjoy Stonewall Gin with the knowledge that you have donated to furthering the cause for acceptance and equality of the LGBTQ+ community!

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We contribute to various LGBTQ+ charities who are supporting LGBTQ+ people throughout their lives – whether this be in education, workplaces, or healthcare. 

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A Family Business

My name is Joe from Stonewall Spirits, our family produces Gin, Rum and Vodka.

Stonewall Spirts started in 2019 when members of the family discovered or rediscovered the 1969 Stonewall riots and how pivotal they were in changing history and the course of the LGBTQ+ community.

We decided to support the continued struggle for acceptance and equality whilst retelling the events of 1969.  
We are proud as members of the LGBTQ+ community that our family distillery business supports the work we are doing and has created the spirit recipes that go into our delicious and tasty gins.  

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A fight for equality & Acceptance

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