Stonewall Gin 70cl – Pink Rhubarb £36

Stonewall Gin – how and where

Stonewall Spirits Gin is lovingly crafted using juniper, coriander, orange, liquorice, almonds, and the tangy coastal berry, sea buckthorn botanicals. Distilled on the East Coast of England by the family business using a South American Copper Bain Marie designed and built specifically for Stonewall Spirits.


Naturally flavoured essence is slowly blended into the bright clear classic London Dry Gin. Left for several weeks to fully infuse its flavours, the tangy and fruity flavours make this a luxurious pleasure.

Tasting Notes

It takes us back to the rhubarb and custard sweets of our childhood, leading into notes of lightly spiced rhubarb crumble, tropical fruit, pine forest, and a lemon peel tang on the finish. We’re going to be loving this all summer long served up with ginger ale.

Perfect Serve

Rhubarb G&T perfect serve – big square ice, 50ml Stonewall Rhubarb Gin, a Mediterranean Fever-Tree tonic, and a slice of fresh orange. Stand a slice of fresh rhubarb in the glass if required. Ginger Ale can be used if preferred instead of tonic however this is a personal choice. Use as an ingredient to make fab cocktails.

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Our spirits wear the rainbow heart label with pride, and we can’t think of a better way to raise a glass to diversity.

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A fight for equality & Acceptance

The Story of the Stonewall Riots

This spirit was born on 28th June 1969 in The Stonewall Inn New York at precisely 1.20am

Stonewall Spirits retells the inspiring events of the 1969 Stonewall Riots and how one night became a pivotal moment for the LGBTQ+ community which still resonates today. We believe it’s important to reintroduce the story to each new generation. We also ask every customer to tell family and friends why they purchased the bottle and hopefully retell themselves the story of the riots. By doing this we hope to not only keep the riot's memory alive but also spread acceptance and equality and reduce homophobia through education.