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Stonewall Gin – how and where

Stonewall Spirits Gin is lovingly crafted using juniper, coriander, orange, liquorice, almonds, and the tangy coastal berry, sea buckthorn botanicals. Distilled on the East Coast of England by the family business using a South American Copper Bain Marie designed and built specifically for Stonewall Spirits.


Naturally flavoured essence is slowly blended into the bright clear classic London Dry Gin. Left for several weeks to fully infuse its flavours, the tangy and fruity flavours make this a luxurious pleasure.

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Tasting Notes

Emblazoned with rainbow hearts, the Spirit of Stonewall LGBTQ+ Gin Miniatures Gift Pack provides the opportunity to taste through all four of their delicious flavours. We recommend starting with the classic London Dry Gin, which forms the base of the other three. It’s lovingly crafted using juniper, cardamom, orange, liquorice, almonds and the tangy coastal berry, sea buckthorn. Silky smooth and extremely elegant, it has a summery breeziness enhanced by notes of misty pine forests, citrus, mango, sweet spice and an ever so gentle touch of smoke. Then move on to the temptingly tangy Rhubarb Gin, the seriously summer Raspberry Gin, or the totally tropical Passionfruit & Mango Gin.


  • Spirit of Stonewall London Dry Gin 50ml
  • Spirit of Stonewall Rhubarb Gin 50ml
  • Spirit of Stonewall Raspberry Gin 50ml
  • Spirit of Stonewall Passionfruit & Mango Gin 50ml

This is a gift you can give with pride, and we can’t think of a better way to raise a glass to diversity.



Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 37.5%
Volume: 200ml

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